Brooke Candy

Today, Brooke Hardy continues to teach and train under the guidance of Master Dominic Lavalle and Master Rosanna Lavalle.

Age: 28

Teaching: Muay Thai kickboxing and Circuit class

Current Rank: Black Belt
Have trained at Reflex Centre for 9 years.         

Tournament:  In 2013 wining Interclub kickboxing fight.

I started like most as a casual student attending the woman’s kickboxing classes two nights a week to regain strength & fitness. Over time I increased my training to four nights a week & I now enjoy training in Thai kickboxing, BJJ, Stick fighting, MMA & the circuit classes on a weekly basis.

Training at Reflex Martial Arts Centre under the guidance of Master Dominic & Rosanna Lavalle has allowed me to achieved many personal health & fitness goals & to learn the art & achieve my combative black belt.

You will see me around The Reflex Centre most days, currently I am teaching the Wednesday night circuit class, which is a combination of both cardio & strength training.

I'm passionate about passing on the knowledge from my instructors Master Dom & Rose to all of my students. I encourage others to follow a similar path & lead a healthy lifestyle with a passion for martial arts.

Our centre caters for everyone, there is so much to learn & we respect all students & the efforts they put in every time they walk through the door. I am proud to be a part of a great team & to have made so many new friends over the years.

I look forward to training with you & helping you achieve your goals.


Brooke Hardy