Combative Martial Arts

Black Belt Course

Reflex Combative Martial Arts is the best effective style in all areas of Self Defence & Fitness. This style incorporates Kickboxing, Western Boxing, Muay Thai kickboxing, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, MMA Combat Jiu Jitsu and Filipino Stick-Fighting skills that guide you through a series of levels to a Black Belt status.

In our Combative training you will work lots of pad and drill work, learn to spar, ring craft, ab-work, body conditioning, stretching, street - smart techniques, Self-defence skills and confidence. A must for Self Defence, Combative Martial Arts is designed for students that like a challenge and have a set goal to achieve their levels to a black belt.

Preparing for Level One you will learn a Boxing Form. Level Two a Kickboxing Form. Level Three a Muay Thai kickboxing Form. Level Four BJJ / MMA Grappling Form and Level Five a Stick Form. To achieve your Black Belt you will be required to undertake the six levels as well as combat an existing Black Belt in each fighting form.

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