Sensei Jaron Ponce

Today, Jaron Ponce continues to teach and train under the guidance of Master Dominic Lavalle and Master Rosanna Lavalle.

Age: 28

Current Ranks: 
Reflex Combative Rank
: 1st dan black belt – 19/04/08
2nd dan black belt – 14/12/12
3rd dan black belt – 11/12/18
Cacoy Doce Pares Rank: 1st dan black belt
Licenced with the NSW Government in Combat Sports

Undefeated wining - Interclub kickboxing/boxing fights
2009 World Champion – Stick fighting in Cebu
2011 Australasian Champion – Stick fighting in Adelaide
2012 World Champion – Stick fighting in Cebu
2013 Australasian Champion – Stick fighting in Adelaide
2014 Runner Up World Stick fighting Titles in Cebu

Teaching: Muay Thai kickboxing, boxing classes and also Private lessons weekly.

Reflex is the first place that I trained martial arts. I have been here for 11 years as a regular student which started in 2003. I started competing in martial arts tournaments and interclub boxing and kickboxing fights in my teens age. I started helping out with the kids Martial Arts classes, and in doing this, I found a passion for teaching. Now I’m teaching the adults classes.

Recently I trained at Sinbi Muay Thai in Phuket, Thailand with Master Dom and Master Rose and fellow Reflex students, and enjoyed the experience training overseas... 

Master Dominic Lavalle