Memberships & Prices

If this is your first time, we suggest you turn up 10 minutes before class.
Bottled water, sports drinks & boxing & martial gear can be purchased at the counter.
Reflex Class Bookings, whilst we are open, we will be following restrictions of COVD-19, and have adjusted our timetable to allow for smaller groups.
Fortnightly booking for Adults: Pick & book your classes, days and styles

Kids / Teens Bookings: Pick & book your classes in the first week of term and this will confirm your training days and styles for the rest of the term.

New members bookings: Please email us on We welcome you to join us!
Payments options: cash, paypal, ezypay and direct deposit. (No Eftpos available)
Personal training and Black Belt Course: By appointment, Monday to Saturday from early as 6.00am.
Family discounts available, for further details please e-mail

Most Popular - Unlimited classes & training

(unlimited training in all fighting styles, weights gym and fitness classes)

Conditions apply with Ezypay with set up.

Ezypay Application Form

Automated billing from your bank account - (Two options)
Option 1: Weekly -   $39.00 (6 months & over)                     
Option 2: Weekly -  $42.50 (No contract)
Option 3: Weekly -  $35.00 (Kids / Teens classes)

Kids/Teens classes in all styles

Dear parents and kids,

Our new kids timetable 2021

  • Kickboxing separated in groups of levels & experiences.         
  • Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu will be modified with government regulations.
  • Filipino Sticks separated in groups of levels & experiences.         

We encourage your child to train as much as they like, to ensure achievements in gradings and completing higher belts in styles of kickboxing / Brazilian Ji-Jitsu / Filipino Sticks.

Reflex COMBATIVE martial arts program is the best effective style in all areas of Self Defence & Fitness. This style incorporates Kickboxing, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Filipino Stick-Fighting skills that guide you through a series of levels to a junior Black Belt status. Once you have achieved a green belt (Level 3) all styles need to be introduced to achieve a Junior Black Belt in Reflex Combative Martial Arts.

Two payment options of the Black Belt Club membership.

Options Term Payments:

  • Unlimited lessons / unlimited styles: for 1 Term - $350
  • One style unlimited lesson: for 1 Term - $290
  • Please note: If doing Adults & teens classes the price is $350 for the one term

Reflex Top and Reflex Kickboxing Shorts $95. Shin pads and Boxing gloves $80


Ages 5 years to 16 years

Achieving belts, Better fitness, Learning additional styles, Self Defence skills.

1 style Unlimited classes for 1 term $290.00

3 styles Unlimited classes for 1 term $350.00 (most popular)

Teens / Adults classes for 1 term $350.00

(5 yrs to 16 yrs)

Unlimited training in all fighting styles / classes, weights gym & School Holiday training. (conditions apply)

Automated billing from your bank account -
Weekly Payment -  $35.00

Casual payments and no contract membership

NO membership fee
NO contracts (conditions apply with set up)

Payment is Fortnight – $85.00 
NO contract, automated billing from your bank account with Ezypay

10 VISIT PASS (Introductory)

10 lesson pass is use for any classes on Reflex time table that is suitable for you.
For new members only.

10 visit pass - $180.00 
($18.00 per class)

Personal Training (Black Belt Course)


one on one or

small private group

Fortnightly payments $160
Includes 2 privates a week in a group of 2–4 students 
plus unlimited training in Classes & weights training.

EZY PAY BLACK BELT COURSE Automated billing from your bank account Fortnight - $160
Personal Training

(Fitness, pad work, Kettle bell core strength and any style of Kickboxing, MMA & Boxing)


1 hour $85.00

“new” 45 mins $65.00

30 mins $45.00


1 hour $50.00 each


1 hour 4 people $35.00

1 hour 3 people $40.00 each

Personal Training by Appointment

5% discount for 10 lesson paid in advance (for Personal Training).
Personal lesson, it is important to advice 24 hours or more if you can’t attend your booking.

Rules & Regulations of the Reflex Centre

See our Rules and Regulations page.