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Our Reflex Centre is unique in being able to offer full-time fitness and self-defence martial arts classes, day or night. When walking into the Reflex Centre for the first time you'll see why we're one of the best training centres in Australia .Our Centre is fully equipped with many facilities within a spacious 500 square metre centre that provides:

Our Centre Our Centre Our Centre

At Reflex we have qualified instructors, with extensive teaching experience, and are respected in the martial arts industry. We also have students that have won a variety of titles in not only male and female competition but also in children's grades. “Our main goal and reason for existence is not only to create champions of the ring, but champions of the heart.” Everybody can learn and enjoy training at the Reflex Martial Arts Centre. Men, women and children alike, regardless of fitness level and size, all are welcome at the centre. We look forward to helping you achieve your goals and we're confident that you will enjoy your training with us. We feel that the Reflex System develops and creates well-rounded martial artists.

Reflex Centre was established in 1996. Dominic and Rosanna Lavalle, owners and chief instructors have endeavoured to grow as a positive force in the community, helping people of all ages to be healthier and fitter, and influence their lives for the better.

Our Centre has a variety of classes offered at convenient times, we're sure you'll find a schedule that works for you and your family. Black Belt Course and Personal training are available by appointment. To view our time table please visit the Class Programs page.

Please feel free to come in and visit us at 32 Auburn St, Wollongong.