Our Fighters

Reflex Fight Team

We have many fighters in many weight divisions, covering all levels of ring competition. Competition training depends on your level of experience. Your trainer is very experienced and can modify your approach to suit the individual needs and level of ability of each fighting student.

Programs are varied and can change on a daily basis in order to provide different challenges and expertise. Students will train individually, in group classes and also the sparring class, and is supervised by your trainers to ensure students get the most out of their training.

Reflex Martial Arts Centre prides itself on being able to cater for a broad range of fitness and skill levels from complete beginners and those who fight at international level.

Reflex Martial Arts Centre has trained State champions, National champions and World champions in fighting arts of Boxing, Muay Kickboxing, BJJ and Stick fighting and open martial arts fighting styles.

Dominic Lavalle has a professional coaching accreditation in Mauy Kickboxing, Boxing and MMA fighting and also has a National coaching accreditation by Australian sports commission.

Reflex martial Arts Centre is registered with the federation of MuayThai Australia and is member of AFBJJ (Australian federation Brazilian Jiu Jitsu). Also an accredited coach in Eskrima style of stick -fighting with “Cacoy” Doce Pares federation.

Nemir winning fight June 2021