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I visited today with my daughter, just out of interest, curiosity sparked by my daughters long association with Reflex.

I was really pleasantly surprised at the facility, equipment and fit out. Super cool with plenty of gear to keep you fit and improve your skills.

Renee had the class and she was so friendly and helpful and took it easy on me making me feel very welcome.

The students were practising a variety of sparing, jiui jitsu and MMA (not something for the faint hearted). I was super impressed though.

Above all things all the people were warm and friendly and made me feel very welcome and as a parent I am very reassured that my beautiful girl is in very safe hands with these wonderful people.

Mums and Dads recommend you have a look ❤️

Kev Back

Being a student at Reflex Martial Arts I am constantly impressed by the passion and skills of the dedicated trainers. I recently brought my preschool class in for a lesson and was blown away with the professionalism and overall enthusiasm that was shown. The children were taught great life skills while having a great time and we will definitely be back!

Thank You!
Aimee Devine
Early Childhood Educator

Love this place!  I've been training here for over 7 years, mostly in the stand-up fighting classes like Boxing, Muay Thai and Kickboxing.  The difference with Reflex Martial Arts Center is that it delivers students REAL PRACTICAL SKILL based on the team's years of fighting experience.  You do less talking and more application, which means you are actually getting stronger, fitter and healthier with every class.  I feel better now than I was in my 20s and I have a black belt in Martial Arts to be proud of. Master Dom, Master Rose and the trainers couldn't be friendlier, and I'd encourage anyone wanting to get strong, learn real fighting skills and look after their health to come in and join the team.

Thank You
Aaron Clancy
Black Belt

I have known Master Dominic Lavalle for over 20 years now, because he is also affiliated with my martial arts organization as well, so I would like to give my own personal reference about him as excellent martial artist, and a tough competition fighter.

Master Dominic Lavalle has achieved these ranks in the following styles:

Black Belt: Cacoy Doce Pares Eskrima (Philippines)
Black Belt: Cacoy Pangamot Filipino Jiu Jitsu (Philippines)
Black Belt: Combat Jujitsu (United Kingdom)
Black Belt: Rhee Taekwondo (Korea)
Black Belt: H.O.C. Kickboxing (USA)  
Brown Belt Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (Brazil)

Master Dominic Lavalle has also achieved the following credentials:

World Full Contact Stickfighting Champion
Australian Full Contact Stickfighting Champion  
South Pacific Full Contact Stickfighting Champion
Australasian Full Contact Stickfighting Champion
Also winning unanimous times in fights styles of Taekwondo, Boxing and Kickboxing

As you can see by his incredible credentials, Master Dominic Lavalle has a lot of experience both as a martial artist, and as a full contact fighter in all the different disciplines that he has studied, so I have no hesitation in recommending this very talented martial arts/combat arts instructor for any enthusiastic students to learn from, he is real awesome.

Master Dominic and his wife Master Rose, are owner/operators of their world famous ‘Reflex Martial Arts Centre’ in the lovely city of Wollongong of New South Wales. 

So if you want to learn Kickboxing, Thai Boxing, Boxing, Eskrima, Jujitsu, Reflex Martial Arts Combatives, Filipino ‘Sport’ Stickfighting, BJJ, or get fit with the ‘Kettlebell’ workouts that Master Dominic conducts at his fine academy, then go down and try a complimentary class, because I know you’ll really enjoy it at the Reflex Martial Arts Centre.

Regards from                                                                                                                                                          
Grand Master Vince Palumbo
10th Degree Black Belt
ICMA Academy, Adelaide

Master Dominic Lavalle is one of the most talented Australian martial artist’s I’ve known. He is a well rounded martial artist, from empty hand combat, to weaponry. His school, Reflex Martial Arts Centre has modern equipment perfect for both Fitness and Martial Arts training---it is just World Class. I really enjoyed teaching there during our Cacoy Doce Pares Eskrima workshop in 2008, the school has very hospitable staff and has a very friendly ambiance.
He has also produced champion martial artists - His Reflex Stickfighting team is one of the teams to look out for every World championship in Cebu City, Philippines.
As Master Dominic is a World Champion Stickfighter himself I can really say that Champions produce Champions.
Grand Master Chuck Anthony Canete
Cacoy Doce Pares City of Cebu, Philippines

Dominic and Rosanna Lavalle have done regular trips to Thailand training at the Sinbi Muay Thai training Camp in “Phuket”. They enjoyed mixing it up with hard training! And it’s great to see them both learning authentic Muay Thai experience filled with culture. Dominic, Rosanna and the Reflex Centre, are respected in the martial arts industry and have a great school in Australia! I’m confident that you will enjoy your training with them as they will help you achieve your goals!
Kru Dee “Kimchi”
Trainer Sinbi Muay Thai
Phuket, Thailand