Tony Musumeci

Age: 20

Current Ranks:
Reflex Combative Rank
: 1st dan black belt
Cacoy Doce Pares Rank: 1st class brown belt   
Licenced with the NSW Government in Combat Sports

Teaching: Reflex Kids Kickboxing class & Adults Muay Thai and Boxing class weekly.

I consider Reflex Martial Arts Centre to be a second home. Beginning my training at the age of 4 as a ‘’Bouncing Boxer’ (Kids Reflex Class), I’ve grown up learning the discipline of various martial art styles. With the guidance of such experienced and reputable instructors, I have developed both mentally and physically, pushing myself to exceed my expectations, as well as achieve various goals.

Starting with two classes a week, I eventually committed to training full time. Training in such a great and welcoming environment, I met a lot of great people and became well acquainted with both the instructors and students. With the help of many people at the centre, I eventually began my training for my Junior Black Belt. Although challenging, achieving my black belt (in Reflex Combat) was a significant achievement, fully immersing myself in various styles such as Thai kickboxing, Jiu-Jitsu and Eskrima (Stick Fighting). Along the way myself, along with other young students participated in the National All Styles Tournament, winning many awards and titles in both forms and sparring.

Once earning my Senior black belt, I was encouraged to train and grade in other styles. Eskrima, also known as stick fighting, became one of my favourite disciplines. Travelling and competing both nationally and internationally has led to me earning three Australasian Titles in single stick, double stick and Kulata, as well as forms. Additionally, I achieved a silver medal at the world titles for Kulata.

I have learned a lot from all my instructors, especially Masters Dominic and Rosanna Lavalle. Having been offered the opportunity to help pass on my knowledge of Martial Arts has led to a great experience. I thoroughly enjoy teaching both kids and adult’s classes, as I get to meet new people whilst helping them achieve their goals. Helping others is what I aspire to do, and Reflex Martial Arts centre has helped me do so. Having taught me the key aspects of patience, focus, kindness, honesty and respect, I hope to continue my training and help others one day call themselves a black belt and to be a part of the team.


Chris and Mitch