Claire Bonaccorso

Claire Bonaccorso
Claire Bonaccorso

Reflex Fitness, Strength & Condition Coach

Reflex Fitness, Strength & Condition Coach

Claire holds a Certificate 3 and Certificate 4 in Fitness. She has also obtained a Fitness Boxing Certificate from the Australian Institute of Personal Trainers.


With over 7 years of experience as a personal trainer and group fitness instructor, Claire has had the privilege of training clients ranging from beginners to elite athletes across the globe, including Dubai, the USA, and Australia. My journey in the fitness industry has also led me to compete in the IFBB Pro League, earning several notable achievements along the way, including winning the Amateur Olympia in Japan and becoming an IFBB Professional Athlete.

IFBB Pro League Competitions:

NSW State Titles 2018: 1st Place

VIC State Titles 2019: 2nd Place

Nationals 2019: Junior Australian Champion

Japan Amateur Olympia 2019: 1st Place and Pro Card Winner

Japan PRO Show 2019: 6th Place

Australian Pro Show 2021: 5th Place

Reflex Martial Arts Achievements:

Red belt in boxing

Blue belt in kickboxing

"I'm here to guide and inspire you on your fitness journey."

Claire Bonaccorso

Fitness & Strength and Condition Coach