Online Class Booking

We have introduced a class booking system using "Setmore" - an online booking form.
The booking calendar will be updated regularly and will only allow for bookings up to one month in advance.

View instructions here

After booking you will receive an email from "Setmore" confirming your booking has been accepted.
If you dont receive the email please check your Junk email, alternatively contact us at Reflex Center and we will assist you.

Its important to keep your booking email as it has links in it that allow you to cancel any or all of your bookings.
Please use your booking email should you need to cancel from a class.
This will then automatically adjust the class participants and allow someone else to book the session as we have restricted class numbers. Thank you.

Teens School Holiday Training:

Cost: $45 for two weeks or $10 per class.

A fantastic opportunity to keep your teens active, fit, and engaged in valuable skills during the holiday season.

Kids & Teens Muay Thai Kickboxing Classes

The Reflex Martial Arts Centre offers Muay Thai kickboxing classes for children from 5 years and up. Beginning Martial Arts at a young age has proven to help shape a person's mental and physical self.

Kids / Teens Muay Thai kickboxing classes usually consist of warm-up activities, runs, skipping, assisted shadow boxing & kick techniques, partner drills, pad & bag rounds, and some core fitness exercises, including self-defence skills! Contact is minimal; light, controlled and supervised.

Kids aged 5 to 11yrs Teens ages 12 to 15yrs.

Your kids will also learn the fundamental discipline of our five pledge words: Patience, Focus, Kindness, Honesty and Respect. They are introduced to a world of learning martial arts and fitness that is fun and healthy. All children regardless of fitness level and size, can participate in our training program; all are welcome to have a go!

It is our pride and joy to teach the Reflex kids Muay Thai kickboxing system at the Reflex Centre. The goal of achieving levels and belts to become a junior black belt is a life rewarding skill for your child.

See our Class Timetable for details!

Kids / Teens Memberships

Kids aged 5 to 11yrs Teens ages 12 to 15yrs.

  • $30-week 1 style per week
  • $36-week unlimited kids & teens styles per week
  • $40-week unlimited teens & adults styles per week

Active Kids Vouchers can be used for kids & teens classes.

Active Kids Voucher
Class Uniforms
  • Boxing Gloves: $55 to $95
  • Reflex Muay Thai Shorts: $65
  • Reflex Top: $45
  • Shin Guard: $35 to $90