2024 Classes - Update

Kids classes for Term One start on Monday, February 5th and Teens on Tuesday, 6th February.

Teens January school holidays training begins on Wednesday, January 3rd, 2024.

Teens January Holiday Training:

Cost: $60 for the month of January or $10 per class.

A fantastic opportunity to keep your teens active, fit, and engaged in valuable skills during the holiday season.

Kids/Teens BJJ Classes

The Reflex Martial Arts Centre offers Brazilian Jiu Jitsu classes for children from 6 years and up. Brazilian Jiu Jitsu helps kids and teens learn balance, posture, coordination and body position. They will be taught self-defence skills, takedowns, passes and escapes through fun games and team exercises.

All children regardless of fitness level and size, can participate in our training BJJ program; all are welcome to have a go! It is our pride and joy to teach the Reflex kids Brazilian Jiu Jitsu art at the Reflex Centre. The goal of achieving tips and belts is a skill life rewarding for your child.

See our Class Timetable for details!

Kids / Teens Memberships

Kids aged 6 to 11yrs Teens ages 12 to 15yrs.

  • $30-week 1 style per week
  • $36-week unlimited styles per week

Active Kids Vouchers can be used for kids & teens classes.

Class Uniforms
  • BJJ Reflex uniform $145
  • Reflex Rash Top $60
  • Reflex MMA Shorts $65