Muay Thai Kickboxing Classes

Get in shape training in the Muay Thai Kickboxing classes!

Our most well-liked program, excellent for maintaining physical fitness. You will pick up skills from authentic Muay Thai to Kickboxing. Technique work, cardio, AB work, and a variety of hitting bags and pads are all included in the classes to help students become stronger and more fit.

You will develop your self-assurance and master the REFLEX combat and self-defence curriculum! You will also learn the proper Muay Thai punches, kicks, knees, clinches, and other techniques! We have separate fighter classes for those choosing to test their skills in competition.

We encourage beginners to have a go and start training at your own pace and increase your intensity as you progress, working to achieve your own fitness & self-defence goals. Classes are suitable for everyone which includes men, women and teen's aged 15 years and above, everyone receiving personal attention.

Master Dominic Lavalle trained with the Urquidez family, Benny “The Jet” Urquidez (5 times world kickboxing champion) and Legend Peter ''Sugar Foot'' Cunningham (7 times world kickboxing Champion) all at the Fame Jet Center in the US.

Dominic and Rosanna have trained many times in Thailand, in the city of Phuket at the “Sinbi” Muay Thai training camp.

See our Class Timetable for details!

"While we were in Thailand, we enjoyed mixing it up with hard training! It's so great to learn authentic Muay Thai experiences filled with culture and self-development, so we can pass our knowledge to our Reflex students."

Dom & Rose

Reflex Masters