Master Dominic Lavalle

Master Dominic Lavalle
Master Dominic Lavalle

Founder & Head Instructor

Full Profile & Biography

The founder, 8th Degree Black Belt and a Professional Trainer, Dominic began training in 1984. He still regularly travels to train with legends, fighters and great masters from all over the world, bringing back new and improved techniques to refine his own style called Reflex Combative Martial Arts. Reflex Combative combines elements of many different styles including Thai Kickboxing, Western Boxing, Filipino Stick fighting, Combat Jiu Jitsu and BJJ Ground fighting. Some of Dominic's best memories are of his time training with the Urquidez family, Benny “The Jet” Urquidez (5 times world kickboxing champion) and Legend Peter ''Sugar Foot'' Cunningham (7 times world kickboxing Champion) all at the Fame Jet Center in the US.

After returning to Australia from the US his goal was to train hard and one day open up a full time centre. To get there he has continually trained, studied, analysed and modified his knowledge. His six-day-a-week training regime includes running, skipping, weights, sparring, pad work, and a lot of variety of drill work on defence and offence.

He trained in South Australia under his mentor International Grand Master Vince Palumbo and was awarded his 6th Degree Black Belt in Combative Martial Arts. He also has other Black Belts in the arts of StreetWise Martial Arts, Combat Jiu Jitsu, and in Taekwondo. He also had the honour of training and receiving award from the grand master Cacoy C Canete 12th degree Back Belt, and promoted to a 1st degree black belt, and now a 2nd degree black belt in Cacoy Doce Pares (Stick Fighting) and also 1st degree black belt Pangamont (Filipino fighting system).

He also has a National coaching accreditation in Boxing by the Australian sports commission; Professional coaching accreditation in Muay Kickboxing and in 2007 was international renowned 6th degree Black Belt in (MAS) Martial Arts All Styles receiving this certificate from grand master Brain Dossett 10th degree Black Belt.

Dominic's talents and skills, which have earned him the different styles of Black Belts, reflect his dedication to the fights in the ring. The training helped him reach his peak physical fitness and allowed him to react properly when his mind told him to. His dream of building a successful Reflex Centre based around his new art was successful. He has built an empire that teaches values and nurtures discipline and character in students. Dominic devised a system of different codes for different combinations - boxing has numbers, and kickboxing has letters. Martial arts forms flow from different styles making it as one RELEX COMBATIVE STYLE.

He trained his wife Rosanna to fight, wanting her to experience the thrill of taking on other female fighters from different fighting styles. The plan was a huge success. Rosanna became the 1998 Australian Black Belt champion and two-time NSW champion in 1998 and 1999. In 2007 Rosanna made a comeback after having two children. She trained very hard and fought in two full contact Thai Kickboxing fights and won in 2007! Dominic also trained several Reflex students of his that has won state, national and world titles in fighting arts of boxing, stick fighting, open martial arts fighting and kickboxing championships.

Today Dominic and Rosanna, the owners and master instructors of Reflex, are dedicated to their students of all ages and skill levels - devoted to helping anyone keen to learn. They love teaching and are constantly focused on working to get the most out of their students by incorporating everything they have learned from other arts and previous instructors - including Dominic's first instructor John Apolloni who had a huge influence on his martial arts and to who he is eternally grateful.

Dominic and Rosanna have two kids, son Jake and Alyssa. Both kids train in the children’s classes that Dominic and Rosanna teach. The couple's bond and respect for each other make them the perfect team at home and at the centre. Reflex has 30 group classes a week - with Dominic teaching most of the classes from private lessons to group classes. Dominic finds time to keep up his own training and will continue to develop his skills, all the while enjoying life and the fulfilment he finds in his martial arts training and teaching.

Dominic continues to further his knowledge through ongoing studies under grand Master Vince Palumbo of Adelaide, and in March 2008 was invited to the 1st Hall of Fame night and International Training Seminar, in the city Cebu, Philippines. The event was essential for promoting and recognising those whose contributions are respected by all martial artists throughout the world. It recognised that martial arts are a dynamic field that embrace cultural diversity and uphold a high standard of quality that should be recognised internationally.

''There were some of the world's leading instructors teaching there, but my highlight was training with the Supreme Grandmaster Cacoy Canete 12 degree black belt who was teaching his Filipino arts of Eskrima, Eskrido stick fighting, and Pangamot Jutitsu.'' Also a great highlight for Dominic was being awarded the "HALL OF FAME 2008" - Excellence in the of Sports Eskrima Stick fighter and also “HALL OF FAME 2012” Eskrima Stick fighter competition award. The year 2008 Dominic won the single stick GOLD MEDAL in the under 79kg men’s division, at the stick fighting champions’ in New Zealand (Christchurch) About 100 competitors from different countries fighting full contact Cacoy Doce Pares stick fighting event!!!

Dominic’s BEST ACHIEVEMENT is in years of “2009 and 2012 WORLD CHAMPION” winning the single stick GOLD MEDAL in the under 79kg men’s division, held in City of Cebu, Philippines. An event that enables 200 competitors from various associations and backgrounds to come together to stick fight the highest level of professionalism and spirit!!! 2014 Silver medal in single stick and also silver medal in Klulata.

In 2011 Dominic led a team from the Reflex Martial Arts Centre Wollongong, to the full contact Australasian StickFighting Titles held in South Australia the city of Adelaide, A two day competition on the 11th and 12th JUNE, 2011 Long weekend! Dominic won the Klulata is with (no amour) gold medal in the men’s division, also won the double stick gold medal and again won in the single stick silver medal! Dominic continues winning more in “four times champion”2012, 2013 and in 2014 gold medals at the Australasian StickFighting Titles!

Many times training in Thailand Dominic, Rosanna, Alyssa, and Jake, “Lavalle family” spent Christmas in Thailand training with Sinbi Muay Thai Camp “Phuket” and also at WMC Muay Thai Camp in “Samui”. Both camps have a lot of talented trainers, so we enjoyed mixing it up with hard training and holidaying! A great experience for my kids Alyssa and Jake to train and learn Muay Thai and see the Thai culture

''Dominic gives a special thanks to Grand Master Vince Palumbo who has had a huge influence on my martial arts training. ‘Dominic is exciting about sharing his love for the art of martial arts with his Reflex students who are extremely fortunate to have such an all-round master in their midst.

Dominic and the Reflex Martial arts Centre is associated and licenced with:
  • Accredited with World Kickboxing Association, International Sports Kickboxing & Muay Thai Australia
  • Accredited Black Belt Brazilian Jiu Jitsu instructor with Will-Machado Brazilian Jiu Jitsu certified under Instructor Luke Pezzutti (Lion’s Den Academy). Member of the AFBJJ Australian federation Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.
  • Combat Sports Authority - Dominic Lavalle has a Government Licence with the Combat Sports Authority (CSA) of New South Wales as a trainer in the Sport Rego Category of Boxing, Kickboxing, Muay Thai, Thai Boxing, Mixed Martial Arts and Other Martial Arts, Registration ID 201570M00143.
  • National coaching accreditation in Boxing by Australia Sports Commission
  • Trained State, National and World champions in fighting arts of boxing, Muay Thai kickboxing, Stick fighting and open and martial arts fighting styles.
  • Awards in “HALL OF FAME 2008” Excellence in the Sports Eskrima Stick Fighter and also “HALL OF FAME 2012” Eskrima Stick fighter competition award.
  • Training in Thailand with Sinbi Muay Thai Camp “Phuket” and also WMC Muay Thai Camp in “ Ko Samui”.
  • Training in the Philippines with Supreme Grand Master Ciriaco 'Cacoy' Canete in the City of Cebu.
  • Continues training to further his knowledge through ongoing studies under Grand Master Vince Palumbo 10th Degree Black Belt.